We make a difference

Everyone needs electricity.

The work we do at the Authority is important to making electricity available to consumers and businesses in New Zealand.

We’re the regulator for the electricity sector. Our focus is on the design of the market to encourage competition and consumer choice along with effective monitoring of market behaviour and outcomes and information sharing.

We work with the electricity industry to make changes to the rules (called the Code), we monitor the impact of these changes and then adjust things where needed. We have service providers working for us to run the electricity system, keep a register of all points of connection and determine who needs to pay what and how much they should pay in the wholesale market. 

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We work for the long-term benefit of consumers to make sure we have a reliable supply of electricity to keep the lights on and an efficient and competitive market to keep prices fair.

Work at the Authority will directly or indirectly deliver on these objectives through development of the Code, monitoring of performance,managing the day to day operation of the industry or support of those who drive these changes.

The electricity industry is an interesting and incredibly complex space. At the Authority, we have a unique opportunity to take a bird’s eye view of what is happening and to influence change.

While our focus is in New Zealand, many of our initiatives are recognised for their success internationally, and we are sought out for input and advice by regulators in other countries.

Who’s working on what?

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We have a diverse team with a range of qualifications, experience and exposure to the industry, and they come from a number of countries.

We aim to ensure that everyone is working on something they are challenged by and that will make a difference.


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