Commerce Commission

The Electricity Authority and Commerce Commission want to better understand whether the current regulatory arrangements are fit-for-purpose and able to support the best possible outcomes for consumers in the long-term.

Memorandum of understanding 

Project update

The Spotlight on emerging contestable services project – a joint initiative of the Authority and Commerce Commission – is pausing while the Commission focusses on projects with statutory deadlines, including the price-quality path resets for electricity distributors and Transpower.

The Authority and Commission believe the spotlight project is important, and we appreciate the interest and engagement stakeholders have provided to date. We expect to restart work once the price-quality path resets are complete.


We held a workshop on Tuesday 28 May 2019 as part of the Spotlight on Emerging Contestable Services project. We wanted to establish a shared understanding of the circumstances where distributors’ activities in new markets relying on emerging technologies will deliver long-term benefits to consumers. 




Submission on Authority-Commission joint project Terms of Reference
Spotlight on Emerging Contestable Services - April 2019