• Investigations closed - no settlement reached

    Published: 26/09/2013 12:00am

    We notify participants on decisions and the reasons for the decisions and publish investigation outcomes. Read More

  • Investigations closed - settlement reached

    Published: 27/05/2013 12:00am

    These are investigations where a settlement was reached by the parties and approved by the Compliance Committee. The settlement is final and binding on all parties, and we publicise the terms of the approved settlement. Read More

  • Formal complaints

    Published: 09/05/2012 12:00am

    Formal complaints are investigations where the Authority Board decided to lay a formal complaint with the Rulings Panel. Read More

  • Breaches by the market administrator

    Published: 02/12/2013 12:00am

    Publicising these decisions about market administrator breaches is not required by the Electricity Industry (Enforcement) Regulations 2010. Read More