The Electricity Price Review (EPR)

The Authority welcomes the Government's response to the EPR recommendations

In April 2018, the Minister of Energy and Resources commissioned an independent review into New Zealand’s electricity market.

The final report was delivered to the Minister of Energy and Resources in May 2019. It contains 32 recommendations related to consumers, industry, and regulation and technology. The Government announced its response to the Review in October 2019 and the Authority welcomes the Government’s response.

The Authority is taking deliberate and planned action on the Electricity Price Review’s recommendations.

The Authority and the EPR recommendations

There is strong alignment between the Government’s response and the Authority’s existing work programme.

We know we can work more quickly, and we know we can engage differently with our stakeholders to ensure our policies and actions are for the long-term benefit of consumers.

In November, we published the saves and win-backs consultation paper, the hedge market enhancements market making discussion paper and a technical consultation paper on two revisions to the Authority’s April 2019 Quick Wins for Increasing Access to Electricity Services paper.

All of these projects relate to EPR recommendations.

The Authority’s response extends beyond our existing work programme and a full EPR programme of work is being developed for Board consideration in December. The programme will be published in early 2020.

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Read our media release in response to the Government's response to the EPR final report.