My usage

Your electricity usage information will help you make a more accurate and personalised comparison between the different pricing plans available to you.

Your power company keeps track of your electricity usage information to make sure your bill is correct. Some power companies also use this information to provide other personalised services.

You could use this information to look at ways of reducing how much power you use, or look at alternative energy sources.

You can request your electricity usage information from your power company for no charge, up to four times a year.

What the information is

Your power usage is a detailed report into how much power you have used over the past 24 months. Usually, it will track how much power you use daily. If you have a smart meter, you may even be able to see how much power you use at certain times of the day.

How to access it

You can request your usage information from your current power company. If you have switched your power company in the past 24 months, you will need to contact all companies you have used to get a full set of data for this time period.

To request this information contact your power company by phone, email or through their website. They must provide this information to you.

If you have any issues that you are unable to resolve with your power company, you can contact the Utilities Disputes Ltd.

What you can do with it

With your electricity usage in hand, you can figure out what power company will provide the best deal for you. You can compare prices and switch. You could also look at ways of reducing how much power you use, or look at alternative energy sources.

If you combine your electricity usage information, your meter information and the pricing plans you are eligible for, you can choose which plan is most suited to you.