Consumer choice and competition

This programme covers initiatives to promote consumer participation through the retail market.

Current projects

  • Raising consumer awareness of Utilities Disputes and Powerswitch services

    To support increased consumer awareness of Powerswitch and Utilities Disputes we are proposing to require retailers and distributors to provide clear and prominent information about these services on all consumer communications.

    Latest Activity: 15 Oct 2020 Stakeholder workshop

  • Default distributor agreement

    We are considering whether to introduce a default distributor agreement to achieve the benefits from more standardisation of use-of-system agreements. The Authority considers that more standardisation will enhance retail competition.

    Latest Activity: 16 Jun 2020 Default Distributor Agreement decision

  • Saves and win-backs

    It is important that all retailers have an equal opportunity to compete for customers, and that saves and win-backs do not impede efficient retail competition.

    Latest Activity: 18 Feb 2020 Decision to ban saves and win-backs

  • Retail Data

    The retail data project aims to increase consumer participation in the retail electricity market, by improving consumers’ access to information.

    Latest Activity: 20 Sep 2016 Decisions and summary of submissions published - a file format for exchanging generally available retail tariff plan data

  • Competition and Efficiency on Secondary Networks

    The purpose of this project is to examine the potential to improve retail competition and efficiency on secondary networks.

    Latest Activity: 1 Nov 2012 Competition and Efficiency on Secondary Networks