Interactive dashboards

Use our interactive dashboards to find out more about New Zealand's electricity market.

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Retail market snapshot3

Retail market snapshot

The retail market snapshot highlights key changes in the New Zealand retail electricity market over time. We encourage users to engage and interact with the information to see how the electricity market has evolved since 2010.

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Wholesale market snapshot3

Wholesale market snapshot

The wholesale market snapshot highlights key facts and figures about the New Zealand wholesale electricity market in the most recent quarter. It also contains a range of quick facts about how elements of the market work, a history of power station construction, and other useful background information.

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Hedging with base load futures2

Hedging with base load futures

This tool is designed to allow you to simulate the outcomes of purchasing electricity futures contracts. It describes the role futures contracts may play for either a retailer or an industrial consumer. The retailer would adopt a strategy that achieves some price certainty, so their purchase cost remains lower than the price they are charging customers. The industrial consumer would likely have a budget for electricity and would wish to ensure they stay within that budget.

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