Retail market snapshot

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The Retail Market Snapshot highlights key changes in the New Zealand retail electricity market over time. We encourage users to engage and interact with the information to see how the electricity market has evolved since 2010.


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How to use this tool?

This tool is designed to be simple to use and interactive which means you can drag the slider at the top to change the year and see year-on-year comparisons in data. To find out more about the terms used in the tool hover over question mark in the top right hand corner.

Hovering over the text describing each measure will give you the option to click through to a more detailed Electricity Market Information (EMI) report.

The EMI website has a wide range of information and tools available covering all aspects of the electricity market. Users can gain insights and understanding by exploring data within reports, downloading information, interacting with complex modelling tools, and engaging in discussions related to the information presented.

Visit the EMI website for more in-depth insights into the performance of New Zealand’s electricity market.