Consumption data- a consumer’s electricity usage information

Consumption data is a consumer’s individual information on how much electricity they use. Consumers or their agents can now access up to 24 months’ of consumption data. This information can show how much electricity a consumer uses, and when they use it. This information is unique to each consumer so will allow tailored analysis (rather than analysis based on a standard profile). 

Consumption data

Tariff data- what electricity plans are available to each consumer

Power companies must provide you with all generally available tariffs, on request. Tariff data is the different pricing plans that power companies offer to consumers. 

Tariff data

Connection data

Connection data shows how different installation control points (ICP) are connected to the electricity network. We have made connection data publically available. The data is available through the web portal for single requests. Or you can gather a larger range of connection data through the API on our website. 

ICP connection data API