Distributed generation encompasses a range of technologies and scales, including small-scale systems such as photovoltaic modules, small wind turbines and micro-hydro schemes. This generation may be used, for example, as electricity sources for businesses, homes or farms.

The connection of distributed generation to distributors’ networks is covered in Part 6 of the Code. It mandates the application and approval process between the prospective generator and the distributor (for example the network operator). For distributed generation equal to or less than 10kW there is a streamlined application and approval process if the distributed generation meets certain conditions. If it doesn’t meet these conditions, or if it is over 10kW then an application and technical assessment process is required. Please see the guidelines below for more information”

Part 6 of the Code also details:

  • default terms of connection
  • the dispute resolution process
  • pricing principles and information disclosure guidelines (though the parties can contract out of these by mutual agreement).

We monitor the compliance of distributors and generators under Part 6 and, where appropriate, take enforcement action. In some circumstances we also have a role in dispute resolution between generators and distributors.