This allocation is performed by the reconciliation manager, who receives and processes large quantities of metering data on a monthly basis, reconciles it against a register of contracts, and passes the data on to industry participants.

Electricity is constantly transported over the national grid, but the sources of generation change many times over the course of a day. The reconciliation process involves detailed analysis to process and correct data for inaccuracies.

The reconciliation manager also processes the information for the clearing manager, who uses this information to credit generators for electricity generated, and to invoice electricity purchasers NZX is contracted as reconciliation manager.

Reconciliation manager website

NZX website

Reconciliation manager website

Industry participants can upload submission files and download reconciliation results, and other associated reports on the reconciliation manager website.

Reconciliation manager website

Reconciliation manager reports

The reconciliation processes and obligations on the various parties involved in the process are set out in Part 15 of the Code. Included here are variations to the Reconciliation manager reports.

Reconciliation manager monthly reports

Reconciliation manager monthly breach reports

  • Reconciliation manager monthly reports

    Published: 17/09/2013 12:00am

    The reconciliation manager monthly market operation service provider report includes information pertaining to the reconciliation manager function performed by NZX under contract to the Authority. Read More

  • Reconciliation manager monthly breach reports

    Published: 05/12/2013 12:00am

    On this page you will find copies of the Reconciliation Manager monthly breach report. Read More

  • Market operation service providers' monthly compliance report

    Published: 21/02/2014 12:00am

    The compliance report is prepared in relation to clauses 13.102, 13.214, 14.69 and 15.33 of the Code. It is published by the 15th business day of each month and includes self-reported breaches of the Code by the system operator, pricing manager, clearing manager, FTR manager and reconciliation manager. The market administrator was removed from this report in October 2017, the market administrator does not currently have any requirements in the Code. Read More

  • Annual consumption list

    Published: 04/03/2014 12:00am

    Part 13.188 of the Code requires the reconciliation manager to publish an annual consumption list at least one every six months. Read More