• Is a spot price contract right for me?

    Published: 11/04/2016 12:00am

    Some retailers now offer pricing plans based on spot prices. There are risks and benefits associated with this pricing model. Read More

  • How spot prices work

    Published: 13/12/2013 12:00am

    The electricity market uses spot electricity prices for each trading period to schedule available generation so that the lowest-cost generation is dispatched first. Read More

  • Spot market expectations on retailers

    Published: 05/09/2017 12:00am

    The Electricity Authority has introduced a market facilitation measure outlining its expectations on retailers offering spot price products to residential consumers (spot retailers). Read More

  • Wholesale information and trading system (WITS)

    Published: 03/12/2013 12:00am

    The wholesale information and trading system (we call it WITS for short) is used by industry participants to upload their bids and offers. Read More

  • Dispatchable demand

    Published: 03/12/2013 12:00am

    Dispatchable demand is an optional regime that allows wholesale electricity purchasers to participate in the spot market in a similar way as generators and therefore respond more efficiently to wholesale market conditions. Read More

  • Scarcity pricing

    Published: 04/12/2013 12:00am

    Scarcity pricing introduces a price floor and price cap to the spot market when an electricity supply emergency causes forced power cuts (called emergency load shedding) throughout one or both islands. Read More

  • Conforming and non-conforming GXPs

    Published: 18/12/2013 12:00am

    Grid exit points (GXPs) are the points of connection where electricity flows out of the national grid to local networks or direct consumers. Read More

  • Applications and approvals

    Published: 13/12/2013 12:00am

    Approval is required to participate in the market as an industrial co-generating station and for participants to assume another industry participant's wholesale market obligations. Read More

  • Stress tests

    Published: 05/12/2013 12:00am

    The stress-testing regime requires certain industry participants (disclosing participants) in the wholesale electricity market to apply a set of standard stress tests to their market position and report the results. Read More